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My name is Jaime (High-meh).

I am an interaction designer.

Through empathy and deep understanding of the target user, I strive to create meaningful,

intuitive, and enjoyable solutions.

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Here is some of my work:

A tool for international students in Canada to navigate and learn about  the process of finding housing.

UX/UI Design + Research + Illustration


Streamlining the process of requesting accommodations for students who need them, following the current application steps at Sheridan College.

UX/UI Design + Hackathon Winner 

Interactive experience that raises awareness about the causes and impact of coral bleaching.

UX/UI Design + 3D Design + Interactive


An app for teachers to use video resources to teach complex subjects, 

and connect with their students.

UX/UI Design+ Hackathon winner 

Book covers, posters and illustrations.

Illustration + Graphic Design

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